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Problem with status tracking value updates

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    Problem with status tracking value updates

    I am having problems with status tracking on my Aeon Labs SmartSwitch 6 units. The main issue is that the 'value' or 'status text' does not automatically update on my HSTouch interface (iPhone 7 Plus) when I associate a text or button element with the 'Watts' values for my SmartSwitch 6. I have created this association and status tracking through the:
    Normal Association Type / HomeSeer Devices / SmartPlug-xxxxxxx- Watts menu options.

    It does not make a difference if I select either Status Text or Use Value. Neither of these update automatically on screen.

    The value WILL update if I leave the screen and come back to it, or if I have the value displayed on a button element and press the button.

    Also, I have noticed that if create the status tracking association through selecting :
    Normal Association Type / Energy Data / SmartPlug-xxxxxxx- Watts menu options.

    I am wondering :
    - is this intended behaviour?
    - what can I do to resolve this?

    Any thoughts appreciated. Please let me know if any further information is needed.

    It certainly should work (although I do not have an iPhone 7), the device in HSTouch that you are tracking - does the last change date/time column update if you look at the web interface? Historically if that value does not change when the device changes value then the data is not sent to HSTouch.


      Yes the time updates automatically in the web browser.

      If I set status tracking to another device (not a SmartSwitch 6) then it works as I would expect.

      Just to confirm what you are saying - you have energy measuring devices (any brand) and can use status tracking through reading the value or status text and don't need to go through the 'Energy Data' option.


        Also, I just realised that I have this in the wrong section. I am using HS3Touch and not the legacy version.

        Could a moderator please move this to the appropriate section.