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    Dynamic Slider Value


    I'm trying to create a slider that moves along with the current music track that I'm playing. I'm using a native slider element in HST. The song length is a device in HS3. Is there a way to associate the slider ValueMax with the HS3 device? I tried using [$SCRIPT=&hs.DeviceValue("479")] in the ValueMax property, but got the following prompt:

    $SCRIPT=&hs.DeviceValue("479")] is not a valid value for Int32.

    I'm using the StatusTracking to show the current position of the song (which is another HS3 device)

    You can't do this unfortunately that I am aware of, the values for the sliders are loaded when the project is loaded. I'm trying to think how a workaround was done for this as music sliders were an issue in HS2 (frequent status updates swamping the connections).


      Any suggestions would be great.

      Thank you.


        In the help center for HST, the property pane for a ValueMax states the following:

        The maximum value returned. This is automatically set if the control associated with specific items such a listbox, or music track length

        How do I associate this property with the device in HS3?

        Not sure if this help or not.