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    Help with HSTouch

    After having this setup for several years, all of a sudden, things aren't working.
    Attached are screen shots of the screen in HST Designer and in the Client. As you can see, the thermostat bodies and the slide switches aren't showing in the client. I haven't changed anything or moved any files. So why aren't the things showing. The designer and client are on the same machine.
    Also, the weather has quit working. I haven't changed anything there either and the same setup is working fine on my android device.
    Attached Files

    I had something very similar to this happen to one of my Android clients a while back. Mainly, the graphics were missing, but I think there were some other issues too. I fixed it by clearing out all the app memory and then redeploying the project after filling in the ip address, password, and such.
    A week or less later, the tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab) crashed, and there after would not power up / boot. I assume that the FLASH memory has failed in it. I tried the safe boot recovery button sequence on it, but got nothing.