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    Icon/Graphics source

    TLDR - Try this

    So I've made the rounds of every platform out there. I started a long time ago with Homeseer and a Mainlobby front end. That was my last truly nice looking GUI frontend before this week. Homeseer was the engine, and Mainlobby was the pretty face and media controller. I paid for both, including the Mainlobby professional graphics libraries to make it look great on Fujitsu touchpads I bought off-lease on ebay.

    New home 2 1/2 years ago and I decided Insteon wasn't doing what I wanted and started gutting and replacing with Z-Wave. I've made the rounds of every platoform under the sun but keep coming back to Homeseer for flexibility. The only thing keeping me from staying was the touchscreen interface. I was never happy with HSTouch/Designer and what it looked like. I also stink at graphics and couldn't make it work.

    I tried ISY, Smartthings, Vera, some had better GUIs direct, or third party, but for one reason or another I bailed. ISY, at the time, was flakey with locks. Smarthings was flakey with events. Vera was just flakey but I was driven off by issues with the Elk alarm plugin. Each time.... back to Homeseer.

    Recently I heard about the forthcoming new IOS interface and was hopeful. My wife was complaining about not being able to easily adjust some z-wave blinds and I kept hoping the new IOS app would launch.

    I finally gave up. I saw an Indigo Domotics GUI and liked it. It was perfect but it looked way better than what I was doing. I was ready to buy a Mac mini and their platform just to get something that would look good and just work.

    I came to my senses...before dropping another $500 on a new platform let's try HSTouch Designer again. The included graphics won't do it but let's go search. I stumbled on a few websites but really like A simple search on their site led to licensable or creative commons icons that looked good.

    Two nights later I have the functional framework for an iPhone GUI that looks good and works.... It's back to being as much fun as when I was toying with the GUI packs for Mainlobby.

    So back to the TLDR..... if you are looking for a way to make a nice interface and have zero artistic capability, check out their icon database!