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Is HSTouch on the way out

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    Is HSTouch on the way out

    Does the email from Homeseer about Homeseer Mobile mean HSTouch will be abandoned at some point in the future? I received this email and the headliner of the email was...

    HomeSeer Mobile is our new default mobile app for all HS3-based software systems and controllers. If you've been using HS3Touch with the standard mobile project, we HIGHLY recommend that you shift to HomeSeer Mobile”

    It goes on to say that HSTouch users, depending on platform for HST might need to make some adjustments with

    I hope they continue to develop HST for the programmers out there that want the capability scripting supports. Any thoughts? I am probably reading into it a bit too much.


    I hope it's just that default project that is not being developed further, it's awful anyway. I have spent countless hours creating a custom interface for wall mounted tablets, so I would hope HS Touch has legs yet.

    See this post -