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How do I display a webpage on my touchscreen

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  • How do I display a webpage on my touchscreen

    I want to display a website on one of my touchscreen screens.

    Tried to add the URL (http://hs-01/website/buienradar400x400.html , a website offered from my Homeseer server) to a textbox, imagebox etc. No luck.

    Can anybody point me in the right direction??

    Help is appreciated,


    BTW. Using Beta 15 and the lates HS2 version.

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    If you are going to place a image best is to use the imagebox.
    see example.

    for the standard text html page see the second attachment
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      Thanks, I tried every property that had URL in the name, why did I not think of Text

      Thanks, now it works!

      BTW. How does it refresh?


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        at the moment two options.
        click in the screen and hold...then select refresh
        other option is to reload the page..with some kind of a macro.

        Not sure if this is the best method.
        I'm also looking for a method to do that with rss feeds...


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          That is no good! I want a configurable auto refresh!



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            for sure there will be update soon.
            I have problems with scrolling on same pages..others are working fine.

            The most amazing part is for me the camera support.
            I can watch my Ip cameras on my PocketPC.
            Since few hours the new HTC HD with 480x800 screen.
            this one just looks WOW


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              webpage refresh?

              I've got a webpage displayed on one of my screens, and the only way that I can see to have it refresh is to do it manually - not very friendly. There has to be a better way!


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                Looks like this was never addressed formally by HomeSeer. Still no option short of using archaic and mostly unsupported html code to meta refresh.
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                  Try setting Is video to yes and then setting a refresh rate. I have it pulling a new snapshot every minute off of a webcam this way
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