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    Channel Icons

    GUIFX has graphic packages for systems such as Crestron and AMX. They also offer some free graphics that HSTouch users could take advantage of. They offer free channel logos for TV and satellite radio. You can create black or white buttons with different types of textures. To get the graphics and the logo editor, download the free COPilot tools collection from here:

    These tools are free for personal use. If you are installer, you can purchase them for use in your installations.

    Select the logo tools application to build your logo set. Save them as PNG.

    See attached image for a sample.
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    On the next url you will find almost every channel logo.

    Using the free application from guifx or any other graphic application you can give the logo's 3D look


      If you dig around the files in

      you can find lots of logo icons already prettied up. Look in the Pronto file areas. It is also useful to know that the pronto configuration files are just ZIP files. If you rename them .zip you can open them up.

      Here is a path to one area that has the logos but explore becuase there is a lot of useful graphics here.


        does anyone have the media centre remote control icons/ images ?


          Guifix Buttons

          How do I get the "buttons" I created with Copilot and saved as png's into HSTouch Designer and make them a button to select the channel on the DVR? I know I need to have USB-UIRT learn and save codes in HomeSeer and use HomeSeer to create the action(s) for the button to use.


            You should be able to copy the graphics to the designer skin/button folder. When I make a graphic I save it in a custom skin/folder that I keep my personal graphics in, as opposed to dropping them in with the HST graphics.
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              Button Malfunction

              Well I just tried to deploy or copy my screens from my designer computer to the HS computer, SNAFU... The image below is from my designer computer showing what doesn't show up on the HS computer, which is where I want all of this to work.

              Do I have to copy the "channel buttons" to the HS Computer? If so, where do they need to be located?

              What gives with the "included" button graphics not being visible, but the text is?

              Please help.
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