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HSTouch Status Update

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    HSTouch Status Update

    This sticky post will display the current status of HSTouch. This status is from our Bug Tracker database. We will list the status in 2 parts. The first part is open bugs and the second part is our current list of feature requests. Feature requests that are in this list may be added to future release. Once we know when they will be added, a release date or revision will be noted.

    Status ver 1.9 iPhone/iPad app

    * "d" format specifier for dates is not working, for this version replace with "E" to get the day. This will be fixed in 1.10
    * [$ZIPCODE] is not being replaced with the zipcode as entered in the HSTouch settings on the device. Use the designer to set the desired zipcode. This will be fixed in 1.10

    Status as of version

    Open Bugs/Issues as of 12/9/09
    • Hiding location 2 not honored
      Music Selector problem with HSTouch CE Client
      status association using text replacement not working on iPhone app
      PNG's renamed as JPEG's don't display as transparent
      Check delay action working in second rather than milliseconds
      Confirm needed for running events in Win CE
      StatusTrackingPressed doesn't work
      RSS Text Button Problem
      Status icons in WinCE device selector are not transparent
      Text Element Copy/Paste Flashing
      Designer deploy option does not show any clients
      Resizing Elements Palette throws an error
      Can't delete screens from project
      Designer doesn't create all the sub folders for new skins
      Selecting Screen from "Screens" menu doesn't change focus to that screen
      Handle doesn't appear on a control box until you click it
      Phantom Project Weirdness
      Linux and Mac known issues with HSTouch client
      Deploy "Reboot" doesn't work
      Need SLL connection when accessing a secure RSS feed
      Add element action to increment/decrement RSS index number
      Over time, the backgrounds in the designer disappear
      Changing client connection settings always requires client restart
      Designer only recognizes one connection for deploy (sometimes)
      Add titlebar checkbox to client instead of project
      Need a screen action that will run when a screen is first loaded
      Music page freezes when downloading album art

    Slated for the release after release 1.0:
    • Text-To-Speech output from HomeSeer
    • Feature requests (to be determined which ones)

    Feature Requests:
    • There needs to be a setting or check box on each page of a project to disable the "return to main" function, when on that page
      Allow side to side scrolling of browser control
      Allow animated gif files stored locally to animate
      Wanted: Remote and Local Client connection settings
      Wanted: Ability to have a control assign device properties to another control
      Ability to select a device on a screen, such as a floor plan, then use one on/off button (or slider) to control the device
      Use "me" to denote the current screen in actions
      Ability to save and load a specific screen
      Music controls should have toggle actions (mute/unmute,shuffle on/off)
      Allow for a default font and attributes in the project settings
      Allow ranges for status/images and status/colors value associations.
      Ability to set the text property as well as text attributes (bold, italic, etc.) from a button action
      Allow variables from a drop list or list box to be passed to a script
      Allow sub folders in each tab for organizing items
      when the name of a screen is changed, navigation and events should be updated
      I'd like to see '<,>,=,<>' as options when comparing values to produce alternate text.
      Add minimize to right click context menu in HSTouch client
      Add a second IP address for the HS server
      Allow for scrolling of a text element using up/down actions
      Various user feature requests, some may be good
      Various feature requests for the designer
      Ability to have HS control the element properties
      Ability to use some logic to control the display of elements and screens
      Need an action to adjust a control left and right for scrolling a web page
      Ability to set transparency on elements
      Ability to browse music by cover art using the list box element
      Use logic to change the color of elements
      User wants to enter a URL into a text box then have a label element update with the web page
      Ability to set characteristics or execute actions based upon value or status text.
      Maintain image aspect ratio with shift-drag
      Add the ability to switch screens from HS, maybe script command for now
      HSTouch will need to support 'hover' state for elements in future version
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