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"Control HS device using Element selection properties"

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    "Control HS device using Element selection properties"

    In HST (version 1.0.57) there's an action called "Control a Homeseer device using Element selection properties".

    - Element (music related elements, listboxes, etc)
    - Command (on/of/dim/10%/20%/etc)

    The explanation of this feature is not in the helpfile? (no surprise there) but using Google I was unable to find anything matching this string.

    "Control a Homeseer device using Element selection properties"
    I would expect to configure the following
    - Source: Element (HST)
    - Target: Homeseer device
    - What: elements text (string) / elements status (on/off/dim/etc)

    Ideally I would like the ability to set device string or value based on an element.

    What am I missing? What should I have found or read? ;-)


    I don't understand it even to offer an explanation, i'm wondering whether the command is even finished and can be used or perhaps its been left in by accident and is unfinished. I can't see how those commands even make sense as you don't specify a device...unfortunately I don't think you will get an explanation from HS on this message board as to how to use it. To set a device string/value based on an element you might be able to do from a script, depending on what sort of element it is...


      I really hope that someone from Homeseer can clarify this. It's part of their product that we paid for. Otherwise I might have to open an official support request.


        I am also confused by this feature.