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HSTouch skin project with dynamic content is underway

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    HSTouch skin project with dynamic content is underway

    I just wanted to drop a note here that I am in the process of building up a Homeseer HSTouch template, initially for iPads, that will be made available.

    I am working out the details to source professional quality graphics, while building the skin with HS content myself. Due to the large expense both monetarily and time wise, the project will have a cost attached. It will take a while to make ready, as I need to convert some content in the backend from script to plugin, and there is just an overall lot of work to make it happen in a reusable manner.

    The objective is a professional quality screen interface with dynamic content. What does this mean?

    -Time relevant page content. Example: Home screen shows house option to arm the alarm only if it is disarmed, etc. This is to cut down on the number of buttons and irrelevant content cluttering the screen.

    -Reusable video and picture widgets supporting streaming video, fixed image, or image per x second display, with automatic alternative URL sources if the client is not currently on the local network. Configuration of data and URLs in an ini file is all that is needed.

    -Per client handling of screens, and on the fly client selection of camera views, and etc.

    -Security framework, so that HS can disable certain screens or events on certain client, according to the users desire.

    -Typical screens for modern home automation: Listen, Watch, Lights, Weather, Security, Cameras, Climate, and additional Functions (considering under this Energy, Settings, etc).

    -to be continued.

    As I am trying to abstract as much as possible away from any particular HS install, and due to the various add on features, there will be both skin files, and back end files. The goal will be to make the skin as configurable as possible by way of ini file and HS backend objects, as they are easier to deal with than designer or hard coding in designer.

    If you are interested, shoot me a PM, as it will help me gauge interest level, and sorting out of the pricing (largely dependent on cost of graphics for redistribution). I am also interested in any requests for features.

    The only uncertainty at this point is how HS3 will impact the project, but as HS2 is the currently stable and fully working version, not to mention the various plugins, is the version that I will initially build support for.

    Screenshots to come.
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    HSTouch skin project with dynamic content is underway

    Overview page in portrait, not complete yet.

    This page has 55 buttons on it and is not finished yet! Each of the multiuse buttons at the bottom of the screen is 10 layers deep. This allows them to be used as individualized buttons for different clients, to create effects, like flashing, to show different states at different time, or any combination of these. They can be called from the backend script, depending on what configuration options are selected in the backend. This setup allows a lot more than just linking a single set of buttons to a device via device tracking, although any layer of the buttons can also be linked that way, for another dimension to the dynamic nature.

    I have just started on the label layers (middle panel, as well as top right corner rectangle area), and still thinking about how much I want to make dynamic there.

    The viewer panels are the backend configurable ones I mentioned in another post. The grey boxes covering part of the two active video feeds I just put there after taking the snapshot to a bit obfuscate my own home property ("evil internets", you know). The left viewer is currently streaming using full motion html streaming, while the right viewer is doing the 1 snapshot every second method. Touching either one brings up a list of cameras, and upon clicking the viewer loads the new view. To edit the camera list, one only has to edit the ini file, run one event, and then relaunch the HSTouch clients.

    I officially hate the designer though. While making this screen, I accidentally made a mistake that wiped out about 20 buttons worth of work. Let's just say it is very finicky about messing with buttons that have actions linked to other elements. Hopefully after HS3 is released we get some improvements.

    Other than needing to obtain higher quality weather graphics, please feel free to give feedback on the general layout. What is here will only be replicated more after I start to copy screens. Certainly the overview screen is quite different and more complex though, than activity or function specific ones, as one has to tie together everything there.
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      HSTouch skin project with dynamic content is underway

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        HSTouch skin project with dynamic content is underway

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          PM's don't seem to be working but I'm definitely interested!
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            HSTouch skin project with dynamic content is underway

            Right. Those interested can also check in here.

            I am still waiting to hear back from HS about hosting it in the HS online store, and what the terms are from their side. They seem to be busy with HS3 release day preparations. The screens are not ready yet anyway, but if that becomes a blocking point, then I may handle that part myself.


              I'm interested, but more interested knowing how all this can be done dynamically with a static client install that basically updates all objects in the project pretty much all the time (huge bandwidth waster when away from home).

              I use iphone/ipad/samsung s4/nexus 7/kindle fire/PC clients both at home and away from home. The WYSIWYG does not apply at all, especially for the samsung s4.

              I hope there is something you can do that keeps all content relatively properly sized so we can develop one application and deploy to multiple clients. That does not work with the native designer based projects right now.

              Automating made easy


                I know what you mean with the updates.

                A lot of what I am doing deals with a whole lot of tricks that many are using around here anyway, but trying to use a generic approach where possible, so that later one can go through an assign devices via a configuration file and running of an event for example (to populate some values where needed). At some point though, there are device references of course, but for those, I hope to use a utility to run through the project and update according to a particular systems real device references. That step will probably come later though, because I would rather put something out there sooner, rather than later, and then iteratively build up those other tools based on feedback and time.

                The project will stay away from Script replacement variables as much as possible though, as those are the most inefficient, updating every second.

                I have found that for video popups or display screens, that HTML streaming is very efficient, and seems to thread nicely with HST, such that full streaming video doesn't slow down the user experience. Taking this forward though, someone might want to sometimes have a fixed picture, or a snapshot per x seconds in some cases, but using the same space in their project, depending on what function is shown at that time. For example, I have a few security camera panels that show live video via streaming, but then sometimes I might be outside of my home network so just want a snapshot every 3 seconds. Then, at another time, I may want to show a historical snapshot from that camera in the same space of the project (i.e. I just came home, and want to see who was at the door earlier). I am using a layered approach along with all requisite backend scripting to show each of those 3 types of video displays, all with only needing to configure the views in an ini file, and then reusing the HST template widget with the right layering and element naming to match up to my backend scripting and ini files. This is a real example of what I have created so far, in addition to handling of what screen should show based on rights/rules defined also on the HS side (backend).

                From here, I am moving on to deal with individual labels and field updates, and as I wrote above, these are today most efficiently handled with device tracking. So for these, a person will have to relink them in their own system, or use a replacement utility that I am thinking of making later.

                On the graphics side, I still need to build several screens based on the new graphics I am working with.

                Back to your point though, there is a limit to what someone can do, unless they go outside of the HS solution altogether, OR what I have done in some projects is to use a combination of HS Designer, but then some screen areas are in actuality dynamic web pages being served, with code in the backend to match up what is shown with which client is calling and etc. It gets a bit convoluted, and so for this project I will not do that YET. I am interested to see what HS comes up with when they go back to developing HST (after HS3's release), before doing that in this particular project.

                I hope to post a teaser screenshot in the not too distant future. If some of the descriptions I wrote are hard to follow, then I may also do a short demo video.

                The real hold up will be if it doesn't seem that there are enough persons interested that I can break even on the purchase of the redistributable license for the graphics.

                Hint: Think tactically.


                  HSTouch skin project with dynamic content is underway

                  Definitely interested.

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                      Overview page preview is up (post 2)

                      Now to have a break from Designer, and go back to some of the backend scripting, after dinner with the family.


                        Looks awesome!!!!
                        HS3 Prod - Win10 - DSC - HVAC-GC-TBZ48 x3 - CurrentCost - BLRadar - RFXCOM/FRXTRX433 -ADIO - HSTOUCH - BLUPS - AB8SS - SONOS - Alexa - 1 wire - BlueIris -MyQ


                          I am interested and have an iPad, once the iPad version is done (depending on cost), I would be interested in a PC Version as well.
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                            I am interested i have been waiting a long time for something like this.



                              I'm a big fan and supporter of HS and every time I talk to someone new to HS, they are very impressed with the functionality and general capability of the system.Unfortunately they are very unimpressed, as soon as they see the HST graphical interface.

                              One way or another I'm in.

                              I don't know, if this is even possible, but I was always hopping for HST to constantly/dynamically change the Home Screen background with (video loop...maybe) base upon the weather, time (day vs night) or condition (home vs away) etc.with screens fade in and out.

                              I'm not a graphic designer, but I know a few of them with solid background and experience, please let me know what exactly is that you are looking for.

                              Great initiative,thanks