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Button appearance/action contingent on device status

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    Button appearance/action contingent on device status

    Is there a way to make a button appear or disappear depending on a device status.

    I have auto/manual button for a light scene. However when it goes from auto to manual mode I want to display another button that will provide the manual controls. The "auto/manual" mode is controlled by HS device.

    I can hide the button by making it "transparent" however someone still can press it inadvertently.

    This leads to the next question can one make a button non-sensitive depending on the status of HS variable. In other words when the scene is in auto mode the manual control button will be insensitive to presses.



    If you get no other replies then it may be a consideration to look at making a script call from HS to hide the element, I would look at setting up an event that was triggered on the device status and then make the call into HSTouch by script to disable the hide or show it.


      Won't work with "toggle" button

      Actually HSTouch offers "hide" and "unhide" features in their "element" menu, however they don't have "toggle" between hide and unhide.
      I like minimalistic design where one button toggles between "auto" and "manual" as opposed to having two buttons "auto" and "manual". So the standard features don't work for me.
      Your approach is a smart alternative and will work even in a toggle mode however it will require writing a script for that.
      Maybe HS is reading this and will add "toggle" functionality to their hide/unhide element features.


        Or use the sledgehammer to crack the nut: have essentially 2 copies of the screen, one for when the lighting scene is in auto mode where the 'auto/manual' button activates the other copy where the lighting scene is in manual mode?

        It's also possible to hide an element as an action of a button. So you could set the 'auto' button up to make the light scene automatic and hide the 'auto' button and unhide the 'manual' button. The only problem is getting the right status when you start HStouch or open the screen. That would probably need a script to sort out.

        Good luck!