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Change name of Fire Tablet from Android:Android?

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  • Change name of Fire Tablet from Android:Android?

    Does anyone know how to change the names of my Various Fire Tablets. I have changed the name in the ‘Device Options’ settings on the Fire, under Change Your Device Name.
    When I try and deploy a new file from HSTouch into one of the Fire Tablets they all still show as Android:Android with just the IP Addresses different.
    whilst I can live with that, under the attached Speaker Clients they are also listed as Android:Android with no IP Addresses so therefore I have no idea where i’m sending the speech to....
    I must be missing something??

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    I seem to recall that I set my speaker client name on the tablet but within the HS Touch program. Push the "Menu" HS Touch command, and check your settings.


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      Hi aa6vh,

      Thanks for the response. I am a bit unsure as to what and where you are finding the "Menu" buttons to change the settings. Could you elaborate any further??

      Many thanks


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        Brilliant, after playing around with the settings in HSTouch I finally found it, many thanks aa6vh for pointing me in the right direction.