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Collect and Restore Zwave Device Variables

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  • Collect and Restore Zwave Device Variables

    Converting over from SmartThings...gosh is the response time so much better with HS.

    One thing I am missing from WebCore with SmartThings seems to be the ability to query a device for it current that data...make a temporary change and then restore the device to it's original state.

    For instance...

    If someone comes on the front porch and doesn't ring the doorbell (usually FedEx or UPS) I want three different sets of lights to flash inside. When that sequence completes...I don't want them to be turned either on or off...(and end up in the dark for example) I want them to restore to whatever state they were in before the event to flash the lights ran.

    Is there a plug in that can do this...if not...any steps to get where I want to be?



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    Welcome to HomeSeer!

    I believe you would do this with global variables. I'm away from my system right now but I will try to remember to check later this evening.
    Originally posted by rprade
    There is no rhyme or reason to the anarchy a defective Z-Wave device can cause


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      Ok. I had some time to look into this. I think you're going to need a simple script to accomplish this. There may be an Easy Trigger plugin function to do this but I'm not seeing it. I see an action to set a device to a variable but not to set a variable to a device. You could do this with a virtual device and Easy Trigger but it would be a little more cumbersome and would require two events. If you wanted to go that route your event would look like:

      IF your lights value changes
      THEN set a virtual device to your light

      Then run your other event but at the end add:

      THEN Set your light to your virtual device.

      Make sense?

      Maybe there's another way of accomplishing this that's completely escaping me at the moment. Hopefully more folks will chime in.
      Originally posted by rprade
      There is no rhyme or reason to the anarchy a defective Z-Wave device can cause


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        Thanks! As a newbie/smartthings convert I really appreciate the help! I think I get your suggestion and will give it a shot in the morning.


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          I realize this is an old thread but thought it might show up in searches.

          There is an EasyTrigger: Toggle function. as long as you toggle an even number of times, the device will be left in its original state. I use this to flash lights a few times when an even happens, but them leave them in the state they were before the alert.