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Virtual RGBW device?

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  • Virtual RGBW device?

    I've setup a RGB LED strip that runs off one of those modded ESP8266 controllers, which I've been controlling from HS using the MQTT plug-in.

    I've gotten it to work perfectly as a simple light (on/off) using a virtual device tied to MQTT events.

    But is there a way to create a virtual RGB device that I can use to control it's colour (e.g. in the status properties have a whole list of colours that are each tied to a specific MQTT command, like 'Red' triggers and event that publishes an MQTT messages with R=255, etc)?

    I'd then like to be able to use that device in an HSTouch screen, so it would be nice if the virtual device could be controlled from a colour picker.

    Or is there a plug-in that would simplify the whole process?

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    You can set this up to some extent but it's problematic outside of a HomeSeer plugin and there is no native HSTouch support for a colour control so it might be a bit of a moot point if you were to put in the effort for the end result being that you were unable to really do what you wanted.

    You'd create a device and set up a pair that had the render type as a colour picker, then when this is set it will set the device string to the hex value for the colour. You'd then have to figure out a way of dealing with this change of string and set your devices accordingly but it would likely involve a script or two to sort out.
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