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Issues with the 2017 batch of LB60Z-1 bulbs?

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  • Issues with the 2017 batch of LB60Z-1 bulbs?

    I have a bunch of the LB60Z-1's and have had no problems with them. In August 2017 I bought another 5 pack. They work as described, except for one crazy thing. Every time we lose power, the lights from that pack lose their mind. They no longer respond and have to be re-installed. On top of that, in the Z-Wave tab, their Node ID disappears and shows No Node ID.

    Fortunately, the power hasn't gone off very often in the last year, but it HAS gone off twice in the last 5 days. Been kind of a PITA. It's bad enough that the lights all come on when the power comes back on (worse at 3AM!!!) but then there is no way to turn them off without going to each fixture and turning it off. VERY LOW WAF RIGHT NOW.......

    Anyway, as anyone experienced anything similar?


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    Just had this happen to me. 3 bulbs refused to respond after a power outage. Not sure of the vintage but like you I bought a 5 pack last year (2017). I also have them updated to the latest firmware (5.12). The Replace Node feature makes it easier to fix, but still very annoying.



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      Ok, I too have had a power outage as recent as this morning and low and behold all of my
      LB60Z-1 bulbs have decided to become "Unknown" and refuse to respond has anyone figured out why and what is the fix as this seems to be the only z-wave device that I've observed this phenomena with?

      John, are you saying that you had to simply Replace them with the original bulb? Mike
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        Yes. Just use the 'Replace Node' feature on the Z-Wave page for each bulb. Everything started working again and I didn't have to fix any associated events.