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Changing Default Commands with HS-WD200 Dimmers

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  • Changing Default Commands with HS-WD200 Dimmers

    I'm new here so take it easy on me. I recently installed two HS-WD200 dimmers and one companion switch for some recessed lights in my living room and kitchen. They are working great and I'm very impressed. My only critique is it wasn't super clear that I needed to wire my Line & Load wires together at the companion location.

    Anyways, my question is whether it would be possible to program one of the dimmers such that it didn't work as an actual dimmer but sent a command using HomeSeer, SmartThings, HomeAssistant, etc to dim Phillip's Hue lights using Hue commands. I'd really like to use the Hue lights in my living room for the added capability and color options but would prefer using the HS dimmers. I feel like this would be a really neat option for Smart Home users to be able to use Hue lights and not rely on the Hue dimmer that they sell.

    Thanks in advance.