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HomeSeer HS-WD200+ Dimmer for 240v users.

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    Yes, it's my honest belief that the 2 pins are for structure only. Since, I did not dare disassembling the boards mount, I suppose I could be wrong. UPDATED June, 15: After disassembling the boards mount, I was able to verify my previous statement IS WRONG. PIN marked B near the TRIAC (or MOSFET, don't really know) connects it's central leg to one of the legs coming out of the COIL in the other board.

    I did not take pictures of the process, only of the varistor I took out (green), and the one I put in (blue).
    UPDATED June, 15: Photos on next posts.

    I was able to take the switch apart and reassemble it with ease. UPDATED June, 15: The dimmer, on the other hand IS much more prone to a fatal mistake trying to desolder the 3x2 header pin and the PINS marked A and B on following photos.
    UPDATED: June, 16: Yes, I ruined the poor dimmer, either when I desoldered/resoldered the 3x2 header. I suppose this happened by mistakenly letting solder go in between two pins. Distance between pins is only 2,5 mm (0.098"), so if you try to do it anyway, make sure your hands are very steady. Myself, I'm not ever going to try desoldering the 3x2 header again... The new varistor supposedly worked, as it did not burn, but the dimmer did not work after the "surgery".
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      Here are some photos of the dimmer. The green flat disk is the original varistor, sitting between the 2 boards.
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