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  • Landscaping light controller

    What is the cheapest way to control my LED landscape lights via HS3?

    Would plugin them into a z-wave wall plug do the trick? If so what's the cheapest one out there? Maybe there is a WiFi module that is cheaper...

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    A few years back switched here to DC MeanWell DIN mounted dual 12VDC power supplies connected to 12 zones of LED lighting automated by one UPB switch.

    Today you can utilized a SonOff 4 port WiFi switch using the mcsMQTT plugin to manage each port / zone of lighting and DIN mount it next to the power supplies.

    There is a thread here buried a bit relating to my conversion to LED lamps and then to using MeanWell DIN 12VDC power supplies.

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      Cool thanks for the info!


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        GE Z-Wave Plus Plug-in Outdoor Smart Switch

        Works great.


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          Vision make a single relay z-wave module with wire terminals, I just purchased one for $25 though I think it was on special.

          You could cut and join that into the power lead of your existing driver, then house it in a water tight box.