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  • Landscape lighting switching

    Hello - I am in search of a solution that will provide me with the ability to control multiple zones of landscaping lights independently. My current solution does work but its not flexible, all on or all off through the use of a zwave outlet. The hardware that I have currently have on hand for the new solution is a Volt low voltage transformer, GC-100-18 that has 3 independent relays and SRD-12VDC-SL-C 4 Channel DC12V High/Low Level Power Relay Module Board. What i'm trying to do, unsuccessfully I might add, is use the GC100 relay to trigger the relay board and turn on each zone's lights. I do not think I have is wired correctly and do i even need the 12VDC board or can I wire directly to the GC100? Any support or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
    thanks - Steve

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    Have you considered running your low voltage lighting then using Z-Wave low voltage DC dimmers? This works well if you use the right type of LV fixtures that can use DC or modify them to run on DC. You'll get much better dimming with LED that you could another way.
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