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Lithonia Wafer Recessed Lights Strobing

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  • Lithonia Wafer Recessed Lights Strobing

    Anyone try these recessed lights with a HomeSeer dimmer? Installed 2 and they strobe when turned on. If I play with the level they eventually act normal but resume behavior as soon as they go off and on again.

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    There is a post regarding this on Reddit from January, 2018 from a Homeseer user.

    Homeseer user went to using the newer GE ZWave dimmer and solved his issues.

    Lithonia LED downlights flickering when dimmed

    Here I purchased similiar when first available in 2017 from China for $5.00 USD with free shipping for installation in the shower ceiling.

    Working fine today. I am now at 100% LED lamps in the bathroom.

    Noticed now that the dimmable style are on Ebay now for less than $10 each.

    BTW here have been an Amazon Prime member for a few years. This year have had quality of products delivered issues and two day delivery issues. One product was shipped some 5 times and it was the wrong product shipped in the wrong box. Gave up and ordered the product from Ebay from the same vendor at half the price with free delivery. Took about 2 weeks to get the product but it was worth the wait.
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      Thanks Pete! Saw that post. I will give the GE dimmers a try. I was going to head that direction anyway. The Lithonia wafers are fantastic, especially if you have joists to work around. And, the light the put off is very good. I'm picky about LEDs. They can be too white and these are just right for my taste. Not really warm but not sterile either.