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Sunsetter/Somfy Integration

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  • Sunsetter/Somfy Integration

    We got some motorized Sunsetter awnings that come with Somfy remotes (74300). It's hardly readable but on the back of the remote it mentions "RTS" . I was hoping they were z-wave like the Bali shades we have on order. In any case, I need to find a way to integrate those awnings into HomeSeer. I prefer something that is very low maintenance and is likely to work for many years, i.e. no Arduino hacks like I did with some other stuff. The best thing I found is the "ZRTSI II: 16-Channel Z-Wave To RTS Bridge" and then use the RTS plugin. Is this the best way to go? Or is there something that goes directly from RTS to USB and circumvent the z-wave/wireless and plugin? I don't quite care paying for the plugin (I think I already bought it anyways) but I want something that has the least likelihood to fail.