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Ubiquiti POE LED (POE powered Lighting)

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  • Ubiquiti POE LED (POE powered Lighting)

    Has anyone used Homeseer with Ubiquiti LED or any other POE (power over ethernet) lighting?

    Im sure there is an API for the software controller
    Maybe Ill just buy one and see what I can do.
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    Interesting. Note that it is POE+ (30W) not standard 15W POE. Cisco has a proprietary 60W POE as well. 2 foot LED panel powered by a network cable, who would have thought.


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      There are four standards today of POE.

      I - PoE, 2-pair PoE IEEE 802.3af Max Power to port 15.4 Watts
      II - PoE+, PoE Plus IEEE 802.3at Max Power to port 30 Watts
      III - 4-pair PoE, 4P PoE, PoE++, UPOE IEEE 802.3bt Max Power to port 60 Watts
      IV - higher-power PoE IEEE 802.3bt Max Power to port 100 Watts

      Cisco started the POE thing which was propietary and originally called inline power a few years before it became a standard for powering their VOIP telephones and WAPs sometime in the early 2000's.

      Cisco propietary POE versus the standard included:
      • the amount of power that is available to the connected device
      • the method used for device discovery
      • the way that power is removed from the wire when a powered device is removed
      The pin outs to Cisco's inline power switches were different such that you couldn't use the inline power switches for standard POE.

      Cisco renamed their inline power to POE and went to the standard many years ago.

      Interesting that Ubiquiti is using POE for LED lighting.

      Ubiquiti's first POE for their stuff was non standard at 24VDC passive (always on).

      Here for my tabletop touch screens have used a TP-Link POE power splitter to 5VDC for power.
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