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Recessing a HS-MS100/ZSE18 PIR Sensor - Help

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  • Recessing a HS-MS100/ZSE18 PIR Sensor - Help

    So I really like the Zooz ZSE18 motion sensors, which hardware wise are a clone of the HS-MS100.

    They're S2, can be USB powered turning them into repeaters, adjustable sensitivity, and can be quickly stuck on in any room using double-sided tape and the magnetic mount.

    I'm going to be renovating next year, and while the quick stick nature of these sensors is nice, I'd like to integrate them flush with the ceiling. Similar to what can be achieved using the Aeotec Multi-6 with the Aeotec recessor.

    If you take apart a ZSE18, the bare PCB is quite small. A ~3V supply could be soldered to the battery pins (or a dummy battery), this resolves the problematic side placement of the USB connector.

    I just need a ceiling flush enclosure to place the bare PCB in. It's circular, and I think it's around 40mm in diameter.

    Best I can see at the moment is buying cheap ceiling PIRs from ebay, then taking out the internals. But this means each enclosure would cost around $10 just for a piece of plastic.

    I sort of like the Aeotecs, but I already own a half dozen of the Zooz, which is close to all I need. Plus the Aeotecs with recessor are triple the cost AND I'm unclear on whether they operate as repeaters when on USB power.

    Has anyone done anything like this before, perhaps with Arduino sensors? Looking for any advice on acquiring or MacGuyvering an ceiling flush enclosure.