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Backyard Gate Lock and Sensor Project

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  • Backyard Gate Lock and Sensor Project

    I recently completed a project using a Z-Wave controlled outdoor gate lock and sensor. The lock control and gate sensor are wired to a FortrezZ MIMOlite located indoors that creates HS3 devices for control and status. The lock and outside keypad are powered by rechargeable batteries which are connected to an indoor 18V power supply that provides a trickle charge to keep the batteries charged. Here are the details of the components and some pictures:

    Mighty Mule Bulldog Pedestrian Gate Lock (FM145)

    SM-226L-3Q Seco-Larm Weatherproof Magnetic Switch

    FortrezZ MIMOlite (Z-Wave)

    Lock Control and Sensor HS3 Devices:

    Gate - Inside:

    Gate - Outside:

    Lock & Sensor:

    Lock, Sensor & Push Button:

    Lock Connections:

    MIMOlite Z-Wave:

    MIMOlite Z-Wave Connections:

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    Hello, I am waiting for the MIMOlite to arrive to use for a similar purpose--open a driveway FAAC gate 455D control panel. in the meantime, I have a NuTone NSF20Z from Amazon, though now I see the product was discontinued from website.
    Can anyone tell me how to make the
    send a momentary ON, like the TEST BUTTON of a gate controller, as opposed to staying on.
    thanks, Chris


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      I don't believe you can use this to toggle/send a momentary signal. The MIMOLite and the Sonoff 4CH Pro can do that. Here's a screenshot of the Q&A page of the Nutone product: