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Nortek GoControl GD00z-4 Garage Door Opener

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  • Nortek GoControl GD00z-4 Garage Door Opener

    I was all excited to get my Garage Door Opener control up and running. But, when I tried to add it to my zee s2, I got this message:

    Z-Wave was unable to negotiate a compatible security scheme

    Any ideas?

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    I usually get that error when the device is too far from the controller when including. Make sure to try including the device right next to your zee s2, then wire it into your garage door opener after its included.


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      Thanks. That was the problem. This could be really annoying if the device ever gets lots. I hope it stays paired!

      Hopefully once I get more devices wired in, I won't have this issue in the future.


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        I have three GD00Z's, and can't get any of them to connect. here is the typical message, even when laying the GD00Z on top of the Homeseer Z.
        Feb-02 12:55:14 PM Z-Wave Node: 61 Supports Class(es): MANUFACTURER_SPECIFIC, SECURITY
        Feb-02 12:55:14 PM Z-Wave Z-Wave manufacturer information for node 61, ID: 335=14FH (Nortek), Type: 18244=4744H, ID: 12336=3030H
        Feb-02 12:55:14 PM Z-Wave Warning If this is an import, you may need to remove and add the device as some devices cannot be added with an import.
        Feb-02 12:55:14 PM Z-Wave Warning Failed to get a SECURITY SCHEME or verify the key from node 61. Device may not be added properly to HomeSeer.
        Feb-02 12:55:14 PM Z-Wave Error Z-Wave was unable to negotiate a compatible security scheme with node 61
        Feb-02 12:55:03 PM Z-Wave Adding using S0 Security, Negotiating or Verifying SECURITY SCHEME for node 61
        Feb-02 12:55:03 PM Z-Wave Synchronize nodes finished. Number of device nodes to be created/added = 1
        Feb-02 12:54:59 PM Z-Wave Done. Node 61 Added.
        Really... what is the trick to get these things to work?

        Firmware v 1.2.0
        Z-wave firmware v 1.2
        Date: 14247
        PRO100 193 Rev A

        I have four HS3 systems and a total of more than 100 devices running very well, thank you. But these things … !!!

        Thanks for any help in making these things work.


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          For those with multiple GD00Z units, how does each unit know which Tilt Sensor to listen to?
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