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    I am looking for a solution to a DIN mounted dimmer for a breaker box .
    I have a situation where a new build will have all light circuits going back to the dimmers mounted in the breaker box. The goal is to have the entire house light dim able and LED
    The problem is I am having trouble finding a dimmer that can hard wire in to home seer.
    I could use z wave Aeotec nano dimmer, But dont see the point in having wireless devices in one place right next to the home seer controller.
    I was looking at DALI or Cbus dimmers ? Is there any local hardwired dimmer supported plugins?


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    Hi Vaughn,
    Just came across this post. I live in New Zealand (Auckland) and have Homeseer and Clipsal CBus.

    In summary you can get CBus to work with HomeSeer but you need some sort of interface. Currently I use MQTT, cgate and cgateweb all running on a Raspberry Pi. It works very well but requires a bit of setting up. If you know your way round a Raspberry Pi it's actually not that difficult. I'm happy to help you out.

    In the past I used xAP and a hardware interface that is no longer available. Then I moved to using our existing ELK M1G alarm panel (which is the exact same thing as a NESS M1G) and NESS Cbus interface via the UltraM1G plugin. But the NESS interface board is buggy. There is even a rounding error in the firmware of this board converting 0-255 (Cbus) to 0-100 (NESS) and back. NESS support is pretty rubbish. There's a bit of chatter on the CBus forums about this.

    I wish there was a native CBus plugin for HomeSeer as there are a handful of users in Australia and NZ that have CBus and HomeSeer. But I'm not confident enough to write one.

    I'm really happy with the MQTT and Raspberry Pi solution though. You can even send ramp commands to CBus with this method which the previous 2 options didn't support. Makes for nice scene transitions.

    CBus hardware is really good. Reliable and flexible. But it's not cheap. You need the CBus network interface to program the system and interface it with any home automation software.

    I would avoid a wireless solution. I have found Zwave to have problems, prone to corruption and is unreliable. And Wifi options tend to be a bit slow and many require some sort of cloud service meaning you are at the mercy of the internet.

    If you want details on any of this let me know.

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