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PoE LED "Security" Lights?

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  • PoE LED "Security" Lights?


    We would like to install a few exterior security lights and would prefer a PoE LED solution. I am already running POE to the same areas the lights would go since those are also areas I'm likely to install cameras down the road. I have found a couple exterior POE lights on basic Google / Amazon searches but would love any suggestions as well.

    If the light provides any feedback that would be a plus, but since the cameras will also be monitoring motion across the same zones and reporting that, I might prefer if the PoE LED lights were actually just regular on/off variety that I could control via HS. My concern with a pure motion control on the security would be for the times that I'm actually wanting to be out at night without lights on for star gazing and such. But if the lights could be turned on or off via a smart switch or a message via the ethernet that would be great.