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  • Switchmate and Homeseer

    I didn't come across anyone using Switchmate "stick-on" style light switches and Homeseer. Yes, Switchmates are loud, old, only work on bluetooth and somewhat finicky BUT...if you need/want to make any toggle or rocker style light switch "smart" its pretty easy to slap one over the top of the switch and voila. Even better now that its working with homeseer. Here is what I did to make it work (note, I'm using HS2 but this should work for HS3 as well). Also, this assumes you have python installed on your PC or have python on another computer/device (I use a raspberry pi) on your network:

    1). Download switchmate app and make sure to update firmware on your switchmate...I found having firmware 2.99.18 worked with the python script (see below)
    2). Once you upgrade/update your firmware, delete the app from your phone (I've read you cannot have the app and this python script working at the same time but I haven't tested it)
    3). Download and install the python script from:
    4). If using python on homeseer PC, using the python script, make sure to "scan" for the switchmate and find its mac address. Verify you can find "status", "battery_level" and "switch on"/"switch off" the device (see python script readme)
    5). Create a "bat" file to launch python script
    6. Setup events in homeseer to launch bat file, hs.launch