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Cooper 5-Button Scene Controller LEDs

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  • Cooper 5-Button Scene Controller LEDs

    I have some Cooper RFWDC 5-button scene controllers. They work well sending scene on/off information into HS3. When you press a button, the scene comes on, the button LED comes on and HS3 sees the scene come on. When you press again the scene goes off, the button LED goes off and HS3 sees the scene go off. All good. Now I want the indicator LEDs to track manual changes of the load.

    I set up the first two buttons so if I manually turn on the load then HS3 would see the load come on and send an indicator LED on command to that button on the controller. The opposite for manual off. It would turn off the respective LED. The problem came in when I tried to control the LEDs on buttons 3 and 4. The events I created using "turn indicator on" or off did in fact control the LEDs BUT they also activated Scene On and Scene Off too. On buttons 1 and 2 if I control the LEDs then only the LEDs change. The scenes are unchanged. On buttons 3 and 4 when I control the LEDs the LED AND the Scene states change. I did a lot of searching and many people have had variants of this problem. Most solutions involved the version of the Z-Wave plugin. I am using Z-Wave Plugin Beta on HS3 Pro Edition (Windows)

    I am perplexed that things work as expected on two buttons and not on the other two.

    Update: Argh, I was wrong. It seems on this controller when you control the LEDs all the scenes correspondingly change. Led ON = Scene ON.

    So the OTHER controller is the one that does not change the scenes when the LEDs change. On that controller all the buttons have an association with a real load controller device like a Z-Wave Wall Switch. I am going to try to associate and see if that changes the LED operation.