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Schlage deadbolt Route could not be determined

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  • Schlage deadbolt Route could not be determined

    I notice that when optimizing my Z-Wave network, I get the following message from my Schlage deadbolt:

    Z-Wave Error - Device Front Hall Front Door Lock Root Device Optimization and Add Route result could not be determined.

    The device otherwise does claim to have correctly optimized, sees it's neighbours, and everything is working fine.

    Any ideas if I'm missing anything or should I just ignore the error?



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    Did you ever find out what was causing this error? I have the same problem with one of my 5 Schlage locks. It shows the same error on "Full optimization" and "Audit this node". Also the lock will not report an unsolicited request, i.e. when the door is unlocked via the keypad. The firmware and config is the same as the other working locks. Any Ideas"


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      I'm afraid I didn't. Since that time I ended up leaving Schlag locks and switching to Kwikset locks. I've been pretty happy with those....


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        I had a similar problem with one lock that I seem to have fixed this weekend. I removed the batteries, gave it a minute or so and put in fresh ones. I was able to do a Full Optimization and Audit after that.

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