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  • Tricklestar Remote 200-ZW

    I just got my HS system up and running (read that as I'm new to this....)and one of the items I've purchased was a Tricklestar remote:

    I was hoping to use the tricklestar to turn on/off/dim two lamps in a room that are already controlled by HS. As I understand it, this means that the Tricklestar actually sends a signal to the Z-Troller which then sends the command to the lamp modules.

    After reading the instructions and getting my two lamp modules hooked up and working, I can't quite figure out what to do with the Tricklestar Remote now. Too many options on the instructions and none clearly say what I think I'm trying to do.

    Anyone have a quick answer?

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    To do what you desire you have to make the remote a secondary controller and copy/replicate the Z-Trollers contents to the remote.


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      followed the intructions, #6, and it did all the flashing it was supposed to. I went back in to the Setup/interface tab of the HS software and clicked Manage then clicked on the "Import Devices". Not sure how to let HS know I have a secondary controller. Am I missing something? Thanks, I'm hoping to get over this newbie hump pretty quick and get a handle on how this stuff works.


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        I believe...

        In a word "yes", you want "Replication Receive" add new nodes or remove nodes from the HomeSeer interface controller, by copying the node information from your primary Z-Wave controller into your HomeSeer secondary controller

        instruction #6 says "Press the Controller Replication Transmit initiator on the
        Primary Controller
        Replication will start and Remote Control LED Indicator will
        blink Green when transferring Network Information."
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          My previous post is confirmed, I tested it with my own secondary controller.


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            Sorry to bump such an old thread.

            But does anyone else have experience with the Tricklestar Remote?


            I found this in a box and would like to get it working, for kicks. I followed the instructions that @Thel posted, config mode and sending the HS stuff to it. But no use.

            Long shot, but . . .