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Including Fibaro dimmer module

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    If your LED bulds are non dimmable (and lot aren't) then you can still turn them on/off without dimming. You just need to set one of the parameters on the dimmer module (can't remember which but it's in the instructions). I use it like this to control some non-dimmable LED's.


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      Quick note to say thanks to everyone that responded to my original query. I finally had time to try some of the suggestions today, and got the dimmer to work by installing a trial version of z-tools on my laptop, plugging in my z-wave USB stick and trying the include from right next to the light switch. Took a couple of attempts (the 3 clicks need to be REALLY quick!) but z-tools then recognised the new node and Homeseer was able to import the info from the z-stick when I plugged it back into my Homeseer PC.

      Very happy - thanks again for the help guys.



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        I have fibaro dimmers too. I manage to include them to the system, and they work. the only "weird" thing is that i only get 1 device. They should have power managment etc. But where are they? Tried exluding and including /reset i just dont manage to get power measure device of them. Same goes with the Aeotec wall plug, suppose to have power measurement too, but i dont see ****.

        Any idea???
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