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Random associations on fibaro rgbw module

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  • Random associations on fibaro rgbw module

    I posted this before, but just want to ask again.

    I have several fibaro rgbw modules which i love, due to their possibilities. However Randomly some associations are appearing on those devices, even to nodes that dont exist. Almost all of these modules have this issue once in a while. Im using hs2 and hs3.

    Anyone experiencing this too?

    Regards bart
    Regards Bart
    Win7 64Bit on Intel NUCI7 with SSD
    HSPRO 3.
    Devices; 1370 Events; 691

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    I've seen it with other devices. Try power cycling the device to see if this clears the invalid associations? (let me know, I'm curious).

    You might need to speak to Fibaro as it might be a firmware issue
    Nicolai L


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      I have the same problem here. Do you have a solution bartbakels ?