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    I was just yanking my already thin hair out over how frustrating the Minimote is to work with, trying to change the associations in it. I had a controller at node 16 that no longer exists, and I wanted to set the Minimote to start sending to ndoe 1. The manual states to press the Learn button for 3 seconds, and the unit will stay awake for 10 seconds. Well, unfortunately, that wake-up is started by the device sending a wake-up signal, and according to the protocol rules, if HomeSeer has nothing to send to it, it sends a "wake-up no more" command and so the net result is that the device goes right back to sleep immediately. Arrrrrrugh!

    I wanted to find out how to factory reset the device because if I re-add it to the new controller, it would be set up properly, but when trying to find this (which is NOT covered in the Aeon documentation, of course) I found this little gem:

    Keeping the Minimote Awake

    During the Define/Sync process, or when changing any of the Minimote configuration settings it must be awake. Although the manual says pressing the Learn button will cause the remote to stay awake for several seconds, in our experience it doesn't reliably work. Instead, we recommend press and holding any of the 4 main buttons on the Minimote throughout the Define/Sync process or whenever you need to make a configuration change (like changing the button modes).

    So glad I stumbled across this - it works, and is so obvious you have to wonder why Aeon didn't just mention it in their manual.

    Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")