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  • RGB LED Control

    Fairly new to the Homeseer world, but excited to start working with things.

    Found a few post with leads on RGB LED programming and implementation. Nothing that covers the amount we are trying to implement.

    Here are some of the particulars.

    We have around 23 16' +/- runs all hard wired to 2 central locations for easier management.

    We have network and USB hubs at both distribution points.

    Not sure if network through PI, USB, DMX are some other more appropriate technology is best. This is about 1/2 of all the LED systems I need to use. We have a lot on the exterior of the property as well.

    Would a DMX panel controlled by the Home Controller be more in line due to the amount of nodes.

    With the 24v product, we could utilize longer runs with larger power supplies.

    In the end, I only see this as a standard deployment as LED's drop in price and want to post the final set up for all to utilize.

    We want to control for scenes, party, etc. . . also have defaults for reading.

    Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

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    Are these LED strips the type with individual per pixel RGB control (the WS2801 type) or is it a type where the whole strip is controlled? How much control do you want, do you want each strip controlled separately, some as groups etc.

    There are a couple of solutions but I have not seen one for that number of strips if you need individual control, for individual pixel control things get a lot harder.

    My personal idea would be DMX but there is no off the shelf DMX interface for HS, I ended up with an Arduino and a home built DMX shield, works perfectly fine but it needs building.
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      RGB Info

      RGBs are strips say in the hall, bathroom etc.

      They want them controlled by homeseer.

      Then entire outside of the house is wrapped,. . . they kind of put the cart before the horse. Wire it and program later.

      Say for the outside.. . . 12 zones all programmed for a Christmas colors.. . .or maybe halloween colors.

      Let me know your thoughts or if you need more information.


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        I have not seen anything off the shelf that will control 12+ zones of strips as a single unit. I think RFXCOM does support some generic RF RGB interfaces ( and I think they are the eBay 433MHz type receivers, can't find a specific model mentioned at the minute. RF can be a nightmare in itself so you might not want to fight with RF if you could help it which then takes you onto alternatives.

        I only have experience of this controller by Kevin Lo ( but it is a single RGB unit, buying 12+ is obviously going to be expensive. I wrote the foundations of a HS plugin for that device and IIRC I put in support for three controllers, should be fairly easy to expand on that.

        As I say my personal preference would be a couple of DMX receivers, here is a eight strip version idea on quality, price I think is reasonable and you eliminate any wireless issues with RF devices. However as I say above, I have had DMX working with HS by building my own DMX transmitter on top of an Arduino and then writing my own HS plugin. There is no plugin for another DMX interface that I am aware of that you can buy.

        You have also got a device made by Fibaro for RGB control over ZWave, in theory that should have native HS support however I think there have been some issues with Fibaro devices in general so you could do some searching to see what other peoples experiences are. They support 3A per channel but again it can get pricey when they are $80 per channel.
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        Pushover 3P | DoorBird 3P | Current Cost 3P | Velleman K8055 3P | LAMetric 3P | Garadget 3P | Hive 3P |
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          I went dmx with mine:

          no homeseer control yet but i am designing a dmx to Ethernet controller (control the functions not dmx via Ethernet) which will interface with homeseer.

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