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Fibaro smoke detector issue with Fahrenheit/Celsius unit

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  • Fibaro smoke detector issue with Fahrenheit/Celsius unit

    Hi All,

    i use Homeseer with DIOs and a Zibase, and recently took the way of Zwave with a tricklestar usb dongle and a Fibaro FGSS001 smoke detector.

    i managed to include the smoke detector and the 4 or 5 child where created automatically.
    i see the battery level and also for exemple the temperature level.
    but for this one for exemple, the unit is in fahrenheit and not in Celcius.
    Homeseer is using celcius in the setup so no issue here.
    i'm using some wired temperature probes and the temperature is displayed in Celcius..

    Does someone know where the issue can be with my Zwave Fibaro smoke detector? How can i modify a setting to get the disply in celcius?

    thanks a lot for your help.


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    how did you manager to fix that?


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      Hi, well i did a script that would convert the temperature into Clecius and put it in a virtual device. This device would get the proper value.

      i can put you this script here if your want.

      BUT...i also did some suppression and re adding the smoke detector and tadaaa the temperature was now converted directly and correctly displayed in celcius..
      Don't ask me how its a mistery to me..
      So i have now a smoke detector that can display the temperature correctly and thats it.. the problem is that i can't interact with anything else.; for exemple, temper alarm doesn't work, battery status is displayed as is was setted the first value is never changing..
      i don't know what i'm doing wrong with associations as i don't see the association displayed even if i do associate group3 to homeseer.. i can only associate the parent to homeseer and not the childs...
      i'm a bit lost.
      it's the same thing for a motion sensor that i bought to try... this time, temperature is not even displayed...