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Everspring ST814-2 Alarm Events in HS2

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  • Everspring ST814-2 Alarm Events in HS2

    How can I create an event in HS2 when the temperature reaches a certain point?

    I have imported the Everspring ST814-2 and can set the polling times, wake time, thresholds etc. I can see the current temp in the log and on the device status page.

    However, I cannot figure out how to create an event triggered on a certain temperature. The default alarm event never gets tripped in HS. The device itself does "beep" when the pre-defined temperature is reached.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?


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    I don't use the ST814-2 self-contained alarms/thresholds like you do, but I do use HS2 to trigger on Value readings at certain temperature & humidity ranges. (I tend not to use exact temperatures & humidities, but prefer ranges to avoid missing a trigger). Not sure if this is what you're after, but here are some snippets below:
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      Thanks for that! I can definitely use this as a workaround - basically poll the device every hour or so and event if the value is above a threshold.

      Ideally, I want the device to raise the alert when it occurs. Similar to the Alarm plug-ins which create a zone fault when, say, a door is opened.

      Perhaps someone knows how the alarm from the Everspring can be used in HS.


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        I should have mentioned, there's no polling needed, (it's not a listening device & won't 'hear' a poll). The ST814-2 will trigger my events immediately that a particular threshold Value is reached. For my inside devices, I was using them for triggering & monitoring dehumidification cycles and it seemed to be real-time enough for my purposes. (The recurring 59 minutes cycle in my events above was just to stop updates getting sent to me every minute).
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          I've been trying to get an event to work using the ST814 temp/humidity sensor. I see that you have managed to do this, but I'm not sure how. What I tried was to set an event with a trigger of device value change and tried both the actual temperature (< 78) or the bigger value (< 7800) but neither seem to work. I get the log records:

          Device: Z-Wave Z-Wave Interface Child 7 Temperature Inst 1 value set to 77.5 (7750/F)

          but my event never triggers. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
          Dan, take a look at the HS2 events above and see if they help. If not, please post the event you're trying to use.
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