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Strange issues Might be bad Z-Stick - Solved!

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    I got a 15 foot usb, it looks like as long as I am within 3 feet of the node I get success. All the other nodes don't seem to see each other. Node info show all with only one node.

    I guess it must be interference. But with it so wide spread I am puzzled.

    And it seemed to start on it's own. But it might have coincided with my one new neighbor, hard to say.


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      I found it. Looks like my 2gig ct30 was flooding out zwave broadcasts. I turned it off and everything started working! Wish I had fixed that before I reset... I have 3 micro switches mounted above ceiling fans.

      Thanks for the help Rupp about a bad device, finally got to the only one I didn't test and frankly forgot about. The Thermostat, which hasn't been working since .160 update