Is there any detailed documentation on this device? I've done some digging and come up empty.

The timing appears to determine kW Hours. If I set to 20 seconds, it immediately reports outrageously high values (134.2 kW).

Question: Does this need to be set to 1 hr to properly record kW Hours?

The Watts status remains at ZERO in all cases.

The Power seems to reasonable reflect actual wattage currently in use.

-->Can I query the devices parameter values with scripting?
-->Pointer to technique?

Is there any resource that identifies what the listing of parameters and their purpose?

--> Finally, do any 3rd party add-ons support reporting on this device? I can use my UltraLog but would like to see more features as is with my CurrentCost.

I found the following on another forum site that suggest values for Parameters:
80, 90-92 and 1010.

The snippet from that other msg is:
"Got it to work! I needed to have it configured with parameter 80 at 2 for basic report, 90, 91, and 92 configured appropriately, and 101 configured to 4 for wattage. Those last two seem to be the key, at least for my particular switch lol. Changing either one of them to any other value stops the instant reports"