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PLM vs PLM/ISY setup

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  • PLM vs PLM/ISY setup

    I want to know from some of your experiences what are the pros and cons of these setups. Does Homeseer and ISY play nice together? Is their enough features in Marks plugin that the ISY would be superfluous?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    I would recommend down loading the Insteon plugin and give the trial a whirl. From reading many of the threads on the Insteon forum it does all that the Isy does and more.


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      Mark's Insteon plug-in is rock solid. Always up to date with the latest offerings, usually before they are even available. Great support on any issues that may come up too. Can't say enough good things about this one.
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        PLM vs PLM/ISY setup

        I just added Marks PI today. I am experimenting with Insteon comparing it to Zwave.

        So far I can say that the plug in (the latest released not the beta yet) is working fine. Device control seems perfect with Insteon devices from 8 years ago (dusted off from a pile in the garage) and a few brand new devices (dual band etc).

        I am not seeing ANY latency issues at all so far. CPU usage is not spiking etc. Everything just seems ok. Thats really not saying anything amazing as everything should just be ok.

        Now its only been about 6 or 7 hours and only have 5 devices I am playing with at the moment (I will add some more tomorrow). Time will tell but so far I am hopeful that everything will be ok.

        The ISY is an awesome controller. But you may want to try Marks PI 30 day trial first as it may be enough.
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          I have several hundred insteon devices so I plan on downloading a demo of Homeseer and marks plugin and comparing it to the isy.


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            Originally posted by manpose View Post
            I have several hundred insteon devices so I plan on downloading a demo of Homeseer and marks plugin and comparing it to the isy.
            IF you have several hundred then I think the ISY is the way to go.


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              PLM vs PLM/ISY setup

              I contacted UDI last night with a question. It took about an hour or so for them to get back to me. I plan on ordering an ISY today. I need a reliable system and the ISY is stable and well supported. Marks plug in seems fine and this is not a reflection on his plug in at all. The issues are with HS3 instability. In time HS3 will settle diwn but i dont have the time to deal with the issues.

              There is an ISY plug in being developed. I might try that at some point but all Zwave and Insteon will be on the ISY. This is costing me a lot of money but HS3 is just not working well for me and i had an ISY26 years ago that was awesome. Never a problem that wasnt addressed promptly by just posting on their forum (promptly in was days for simple issues but maybe a few weeks for something complex).

              HS3 clearly has more potential then an ISY. But by having all critical functions handled by the ELK and the ISY it will be a set it and forget it setup unless I want to add something. I know this because i had it at one time until Insteon hardware failures made me go UPB and HS. Now that the ISY handles Zwave its time to go back.

              Again I might tie HS3 into the mix because it can do some things the ELK and ISY cant.

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                Hi Digger1,

                I am in the same boat as you are and finally purchased an ISY and so far loving it. Just a slight learning curve, but things seems to be working very well. I will most likely keep HS for "cutesie" stuff and will interface with the plugin.


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                  PLM vs PLM/ISY setup

                  Originally posted by bernieb View Post
                  Hi Digger1,

                  I am in the same boat as you are and finally purchased an ISY and so far loving it. Just a slight learning curve, but things seems to be working very well. I will most likely keep HS for "cutesie" stuff and will interface with the plugin.

                  I had an ISY26 before Homeseer so it should be pretty easy to get it up and running. Its a nice product and well supported.

                  I like your comment about "cutesue" stuff lol. HS has lots of potential. More than the ISY technically. Its just not reliable (yet). You know if HS concentrated on core functions it would be as reliable as the ISY. Get the basics working well then add more models and features. The business models are similar in many ways. I think Michael at UDI gets more support from his staff in regards to customer service etc. i actually got a reply from one of his staff members Sunday night in about an hour after i emailed the question. Thats how you get more sales and thus more money when everyone pitches in for customer service. I ordered the ISY shortly after that since my question was answered so promptly. Happy customers spend more money.

                  Since I have eKeypadpro already i will get an instant app like HSTouch as soon as I setup the ISY. Full control of cameras, lighting, tstat, alarm etc.

                  Now that the ISY is a real contender with zwave HS needs to get their game on to get ahead again. Not necessarily new features just reliability first they already have more features.

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                    HS3 vs ISY support

                    I've been an HS patron for many years and even more so when I discovered HS3 was available.
                    I looked at the ISY99 some time ago and passed on it as at that time it did not support Z-Wave and I was migrating from X10 to Z-wave.
                    I was very disappointed to make the HS3 investment when I experienced a lot instability and even to this day.
                    I like the fact that HS3 has plugins but some should just be there with a usable feature set like Insteon which is only on/off/dim without Mark's plugin which to me is great from what I've read as I cannot get the trial version to see the PLM 2413S on COM1.

                    The support at HS3 is just terrible for the most part.
                    I purchased the ISY994i/ZW/IR PRO and was absolutely blown away by the stability and the AWESOME tech support.
                    Even the CEO Michel logged into my system and work 4 hours on a Sunday!

                    However HS3 still has a bit more Z-wave features and great potential not to mention I have a lot tied up in HS and Z-wave.
                    So I sent back the ISY in order to fully concentrate on HS3 and z-wave until I found that most z-wave devices don't report instant status unless I shell out some serious money for the higher end devices but no comfort level with the instability of HS3.

                    My whole house was z-wave. Seeing that Insteon devices are priced very competitively with Z-wave i'm going to be migrating to Insteon and ISY as I've had enough frustration with HS3 and Z-wave.

                    I wrote HS a very lengthy email HS about the deplorable tech support and got a smart mouth reply back and still did not answer my question about upgrading to Home Troller SEL. they act like they did not care if I purchased their products or not.
                    Sadly I'm biting the bullet and absorbing the cost of migrating to Insteon and ISY but very excited about a stable product and tech support second to none.

                    Even though ISY is still a bit behind HS3 in the Z-wave area, the technical support and cost of their product makes enough of a difference to support Universal Devices.

                    I'm guessing ISY is moving ahead of the pack as I see HS users are integrating HS with ISY... go figure... lol
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