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Z-Stick gets lost constantly

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  • Z-Stick gets lost constantly

    Z-Stick gets lost constantly in my HS computer.
    It happens twice a week now.

    The hardware report tells me that COM5 does not exist. Ny z-stick is assigned to this port.

    In order to fix the situation I need to keep re-installing the driver for the Z-stick. It is called CP210x. It is in the computer however the standard XP automatic driver install won't do it. The manual driver install won't do it either. I need to find the .exe file and run it.

    I also need to re-boot the computer and unplug and plug again the z-stick.

    It works fine after all this work until it breaks (gets lost) again.

    Help will be appreciated.



    The hardware is HomeTroller by HomeSeer
    The OS is Windows XP.
    I'm running HS2.

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    little progress

    The problem still exist, however I found an easier fix.

    If I unplug and plug the Z-stick again than the com port re-appears and the driver is there too. Unfortunately, HS needs to be restarted.

    This is really annoying. I used to have my HS running for months without restart.



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      Hi RI2,

      Some people have resolved similar issues by moving the zstick to another USB port or using a powered usb hub. Apparently it's very sensitive to not having enough power.

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        You'll find the USB ports on the front of the computer are generally lower powered than those on the rear of the cabinet. Either a powered hub (as mentioned) on the front port, or a short USB extension cable from the rear to keep the stick accessible should help.
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          There are several posts lately that have indicated that using the stick with a powered hub or a fully powered/dedicated (not shared with any other devices) USB root hub (see hardware manager) had improved the reception/transmissions of this device. Users have even suggested that they have had much better luck including devices when using a powered hub or dedicated root hub.