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RemoteLink2 in HS3

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  • RemoteLink2 in HS3

    I am trying to program an event to capture the button press on an Insteon RemoteLink2 small hand held remote.

    The device has 4 "rocker buttons" that make a total of 8 independent devices (A-H).

    When any one of the buttons is tapped there is a log file entry that says the device (A-H) is set to ON. If you hold the button you get a "START RAMP" event. When you release you get a "STOP RAMP" event. If you double tap a button you get an ON FAST event.

    I cannot get the event to respond to a button press but since the log reports the button press it appears that HS3 is seeing the device status change.

    There is no OFF for each button so maybe HS3 does not capture a change from ON to ON for event processing.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    **** UPDATE ****

    I finally figured our that I have to use the Insteon Special Event. Now working.

    Sometimes the what seems like it should be hard is easy and in this case what seems like it should be easy was hard ... well not hard but not intuitive.
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