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    I am doing my first HA install and want to ensure everything goes smoothly. What is the best order of operations? Download the latest drivers for the aeon zstick first? Where would I find those?

    Should I configure HS to work with the ztick first or pair the devices with the zstick first?

    After the system is set up, do I always unplug the zstick to add new devices or can I do that within HS?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    - The latest firmware is available using the downloads link above but this shouldn't be needed if it's a new stick.
    - I would configure the Z-Wave plugin to see the stick first.
    - This is a good question. A few devices require the stick to be plugged in such as locks and thermostats. If possible I would add the light switches using the stick at the switch, then bring any devices that refuse to add to the stick attached to the pc and add them there. For any devices that do not fully add to HS on import try re-scanning the root devices (after waking them if they are battery powered). Then optimize at least 4 times and it wouldn't hurt to optimize after you add a few devices. Also if possible always start as close to the controller and work your way out for the best mesh.


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        1. Ac powered- Light switches, outlets and other ac powered devices can be added away from computer( exception is new Linear Garage door opener- add through hs)
        2. Then optimized a few times.
        3. Motion, water sensor, locks and almost any other battery powered device it is best to use hs to add device( Add device/Add Node) to network while zstick is connected to computer.
        After EACH ADD I would optimize after these battery powered devices are put in their final location.

        This is what I did when I went from hs2 to hs3. Complete New install.

        baby steps...starting again with HS3
        HS3Pro: Z-NET & 80 Z wave Devices,
        HSTouch: 4 Joggler (Android Kitkat), 2 iPhone, 3 iPads
        Whole House Audio: 5 SqueezePlay Jogglers w Bose Speakers
        In The Works: 10 Cameras Geovision, new Adecmo/Envisalink Alarm, Arduinos
        System: XP on Fanless Mini-ITX w/ SSD