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Z-Stick driver not showing in Windows Device Manager

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  • Z-Stick driver not showing in Windows Device Manager

    Hello, I just got the z-stick 2 and followed the homeseer installation instructions by downloading the driver since after plugging into the USB it did not show up in the Windows Device Manager After downloading the driver it shows up in the Port section of the device manager but it does not indicate the COM it is on. Therefore I cannot register it in the Built In Interfaces section.

    Also, when I take the z-stick 2 press and the put it near my Cooper Aspire light switches it fails to add it even though I press the switch to register it on the z-stick. I am guessing I need to take the aspire light switches off the network? I had the z-troller register them but after I sold it I failed to delete the switches. Is this the reason why they won't register on my z-stick? If so, how can I reset the switches?

    Sorry but if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it? I have a Home Troller 2 on Windows XP x86. Thank you!

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    I'm having the same driver issue.

    What was your fix?

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