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X10 with stock insteon plugin and insteon PLM

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  • X10 with stock insteon plugin and insteon PLM

    I ordered a ds10a to hack up a cheap current sensor and thought I could use it with the stock Insteon plugin but don't see where to add an x10 device is that possible? If not it was only seven bucks..

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    The door and window sensor is an RF device. You would need an X10 RF receiver to receive the signals. Most users use a W800 or a similar RF receiver to work with these transmitters.


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      Ahh ok looks like they're a hundre bucks from the manufacturer..add in the split core and I'm 25% of the way there to getting a brultech gem.. The Aeon Labs smart energy units are still thirty bucks on Amazon I should be able to put one on my oven and essentially accomplish my goal of knowing its on right? That's really what I'm trying to do. If not I could do the door sensor hack with x10 or insteon and a split core