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Aeotec Z-Stick S2 ?wrong TYPE and ID

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  • Aeotec Z-Stick S2 ?wrong TYPE and ID

    I'm using an AU version of the Z-Stick S2.

    I noticed in this thread people having problems with neighbours etc (

    But I also noticed for some people the TYPE and ID are set to 0x0, listens is NO, and version not availble. I'm get exactly the same information from my node information:
    Full Name: Z-Wave Node 1 Utility Room (UTL) Z Stick Polling: Polling Disabled
    Manufacturer: Sigma Designs Type: 0x0 ID: 0x0 Listens: No Version: (Not Available) Neighbor Rating *Poor (1)
    This rating is based upon 9 nodes using the same controller interface as this node out of 8 nodes total in the network, and out of those nodes, 1 are within range to be neighbors to this node which means they can be used to help route to/from this node. Speed: 40.0Kbps
    Some people have a Z-stick with Listens: Yes.

    And the controller is Aeotec or Aeon, not sigma designs (which is the driver).

    And while trying to enrol a Schlage LE162 lock, which I'm having no end of trouble doing ( the log shows:
    Z Stick: Controller firmware version: 3.7
    Z Stick: Controller Manufacturer: Aeon Labs, ID=0x1, Type=0x2
    So...the controller information seems to be incorrect in the node information, but somehow during the enrolment process it picks up different controller information.

    And yes, I have downloaded the latest firmware and drivers from Aeotech's website.

    Are other people noticing this? Is it a potential source of problems or just an anomaly?

    To be honest, I'm not a big fan of z wave. Too many issues. You can't beat hard wired controllers really. 90% of 'failures' in our house are to do with some sort of wireless product.

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