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Are there any switches whose LEDs can be controlled by events?

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  • Are there any switches whose LEDs can be controlled by events?

    I'm looking for a simple solution to make it obvious at all doors that the alarm system is armed. Since I have a light switch next to each exterior door, makes sense to think about using the status LED of say a Z-Wave switch to be lit when armed, unlit when disarmed. But I can't toggle the LED with an Event in HS3.

    Are there any switches with LEDs that are controllable via event? Or has anyone tried this with different hardware or methods in HS?


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    I think I answered this question on Amazon? Basically, yes -- the Cooper/Aspire scene controller works.


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      Also simple cooper switches/dimmers support LED ON/OFF command. You could even just buy accessory switch if you just want indicator. If anyone changes its state you can use event to double check what is alarm status and set it back correctly.

      I have 5 button cooper scene controller and that is exactly what I do with one of the buttons. It tracks armed/disarmed status of the alarm system.


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        LEDs on UPB switches and control pads are individually controllable from HS.