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Homeseer Newbie Setting up X10 CM15A

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  • Homeseer Newbie Setting up X10 CM15A

    I've been using a StarGate for years, and just started using Homeseer 3. I'm actually still in the 30 day evaluation period.

    I plan on moving off of X10 but will still have a number of devices I'll need to control using Homeseer, so I bought a CM15A and installed it two nights ago. I've installed the AHSDK so I now have drivers installed for it, and can see it the USB configuration and device drivers are "working properly". I have gotten CM15A plug-in to appear with a plug-in status of OK, but no hyperlink on the CM15A, and it doesn't appear on the Plug-Ins pull-down menu, so I cannot set up any X10 devices.

    The symptoms are exactly like many of the posts for the CM15 plug-in that have had problems, but I've read every posting twice and tried everything I can find.

    What files from the SDK have to present in the actual Homeseer HS3 folder, and where? I've shutdown and restarted HS3, and I've shutdown and restarted the entire system with no luck. I've also stopped and restarted, and reinstalled the plug-in a few times now.

    System is Windows 8.1 x64. Can anyone suggest what I try next? I'm out of ideas. Thanks.

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    I give up - Moved to Insteon

    The CM15A was a mistake. While I did eventually get some devices connected, it was a horror to get working and difficult to navigate around for X10 stuff in HS3. I just replaced every X10 device with Insteon. If you're thinking about CM15A, run away!


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      You'll not be disappointed as any protocol is better than X10 now and it's dying a slow death as well.


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        Hi dzee,

        I've been running HS2 forever and have moved to HS3. Also on the eval period at this point.
        I'm using the Insteon 2413U USB controller. It controls both Insteon devices and my X-10 devices. I'm using the Insteon plugin by Mark Sandler. It's great, it controls my Insteon devices as well as my X-10 modules.
        I've seen people going with Zwave as well. I haven't done much research into the Zwave stuff and don't know if they make a Zwave/X-10 (dual) controller or not.

        Have fun,