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Cree Bulbs Philips Hue Dont Know where to start

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  • Cree Bulbs Philips Hue Dont Know where to start

    I am now starting to use my HS3pro and have used HS2pro for years. I have been using zwave as my interface for years on HS2 and I am setting it up on my HS3 unit to control my lamps. I want to start to control the Cree Bulb lights and Philips because they are very reasonable in price. Any ideas as to what controller and what interface plugin is needed for the control of theses bulbs through HS3? and would it also be compatible with the Philips Hue bulbs?
    Thanks Dave....

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    One of the users of my plugin (JowiHue) is using some cree bulbs on the philips birdge. They seem to work fine with the bridge?

    his forum name is jlrichar, maybe you can contact him for his experiences wirh the cree bulbs?

    -- Wim

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