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    I am in the process of converting my home from X10 to Insteon. In additional to local Dim Level and Ramp Rates, I see there are more options to set ramp rates by programming the switches and modules remotely. I also have a lot of modules where it is more difficult to set the local ramp and dim levels.

    What software should I be looking for to remotely program Insteon devices? I have HomeLinc from Insteon, and of course the Insteon Plug-in with the USB 2413U controller on my HS3 installation, but neither seems to support this advanced programming.

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    you might want to check out Mark Sandlers Intsteon plug in, not sure it supports everything you are looking for, but it does support setting ramp rates and such both for the device one time and through events
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      marks plugin all the way. no question.

      end of story.


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        Marks Plug-In - Worth It

        Folks, thanks for pointing out Mark's Insteon plug-in. I had been using the HS version, and after seeing Mark's, I can see why HS's version is free.

        I swapped over to Mark's, and fortunately was still in the process of setting things up so it wasn't too much of a hassle removing all my old Insteon entries and replacing them. For others who may wish to try this, is there a way to import existing Insteon devices from the free HS Insteon Plug in into Mark's plug-in? I just rebuilt manually, but this would have been a horror if I had the whole new system done and several dozen events to update.

        I'm still surprised there is not a stand-alone product from Insteon to program switches, but Mark's works so well, I won't miss it.